12 Best Online Tools for Web Developers


There are a large number of online tools out there. This article is aimed to help developers in the search to find the best tools to make everyday developing experience better. 12 web tools are listed below for new and experienced developers.

1. Stack Overflow


Stack Overflow is a question and answer web site for developers. It features questions and answers on topics in computer programming. Stack Overflow is the right hand of every professional and enthusiast software developer, with its huge community of developers it is the number one tool for solving problems and gaining knowledge. Stack Overflow is free to use, just be sure first to check if the answer is already there before you ask one or you will get some negative votes.

2. Google Fonts


Google Fonts is all you need to find and load a font for your web site. It has a wide range of free fonts and it is very easy for use, in a couple of steps you can find your favorite font, select it, and copy it to your CSS styles.

3. Chrome Developer Tools


Chrome Developer Tools offer a wide range of tools to web developers for testing and debugging their code, from editing HTML and CSS, to writing JavaScript code in real-time. Chrome Developer Tools come as browser add-ons in web browsers, and it is not hard to get started.

4. GitHub


Every developer nightmare, when you’re working on a project feature and you mess up with your code. Say welcome to version control systems or specifically, GitHub.

5. JSFiddle


With JSFiddle you can add JavaScript alone or in combination with HTML and CSS and render the code in the output window, There is also an option to save the code or send to other people. With JSFiddle, you can inject JavaScript and CSS from other web sites and load it in jQuery. It is not hard to get started, try it.

6. JSONLint


JSONLint is a great tool for debugging JSON, it lint flags if you’ve missed something in the syntax. JSONLint is a great tool for working with big JSON formats, and it is easy to get started.

7. Minifier


Minifier is JavaScript and CSS code minified, with minifying we can boost up website load time. Minifier removes white space in the .js and .css files and re-format them to reduce the size.

8. Unminify


Unminify is the opposite of the Minifier. With Unminify you can make a .js or .css file readable. Both tools are very easy and simple for using.

9. Postman


Postman is an API testing tool, it is recommended for testing calls using Put, Get, Post, Delete. Postman is available for download or like a web app, it is not hard to get started and one of the best tools for every web developer.

10. Mobile Friendly Test


Mobile-Friendly Test like its name says it is a mobile-friendly web site testing tool. This tool is important because Google is indexing "mobile-first" web sites and with increased usage on mobile devices, it becomes a must for a web site to be mobile-friendly.

11. Carbon


Carbon is a code screenshot maker. It renders your code in a beautiful layout with options to export the code screenshot to image formats like PNG or SVG. It is very simple for using and very helpful so the copied code will look beautiful.

12. Pingdom


One of the most important thing on a website is to be fast, with Pingdom you can test a website and get excellent statistics about your website speed. It can even grade you against Google Page Speed and ranks against other websites.

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Author: Aleksandar Vasilevski |