Guide for App Store Optimization ASO

In this ASO guide, we will see how to improve app visibility, how to improve conversion rate with one ultimate goal to increase organic app downloads.

What is ASO?

With more and more apps and games releasing every day is it impossible to succeed without App Store Optimization or simply ASO. App Store Optimization is a never-ending process that improves mobile app visibility and conversion rate to maximize the volume of downloads.

There are three key steps to great optimization:

  • Keyword optimization
  • A/B testing

1. Keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is the first step to get visibility, you need to target the right keywords for your app of the game. Start by building a list of keywords.

App Name / Title

This field is the strongest ranking factor for search rankings and also plays a role in conversion rate to download. On Google Play Store you can use up to 50 characters, on App Store you are limited to just 30 characters. Try to have some unique brand name, and include couple more keywords that give your app purpose or value.

Short Description

The second most important field is used to show the value of your app or game delivers, you should include your main keywords here too. Short Description affects both search rankings and conversion rates to download.


The long description plays an important role in both visibility and conversion rate. You have 4000 characters to make a well-structured description, you need to introduce as many keyword combinations here as possible and use the most important ones few times (4–5) to keep the density of keywords. The most important part is the first 3 lines of your description.

Icon, Screenshots and Feature Graphics (Play Store)

Your app icon should be really impressive, it is the first thing the user sees when an app is discovered. So you need to be creative and unique, but still, keep it simple.

Screenshots help you to show app most important features and give the user reason to install the app or game, Try to use all screenshot spaces and use the first 3 as the most important ones.

On Google Play Store you can have Feature Graphics too (image or video) this element plays an important role in conversion rate.

2. A/B testing

A/B testing is used to improve the conversion rate of the app or game. Start testing with one element at a time, test for 5–7 days with consistent traffic to see the best results. Start with your icon as it affects both CTR and conversion rate.

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Author: Aleksandar Vasilevski |