You Don't Know JS - Best JavaScript Books?


There are many books about the JavaScript programming language out there, some of them are worth reading, some are not. In this article, we will take a close look at the You Don't Know JS.

You Don't Know JS is not just one book but there are six of them. They are ordered below from the first to the last.

Even if your experience and knowledge in JavaScript are great and you think that you know everything about the language, every time you read these books again you will understand something much better or if you are reading them for the first time you will learn something new about the JavaScript programming language for sure.

You Don't Know JS: Up & Going

The first book "Up & Going" is mostly focusing on the basic building blocks of programming, and it is great for absolute beginners in programming. Up & Going will introduce you to things like operators, types, variables, conditionals, loops, functions, etc.

You Don't Know JS: Scope and Closures

The second book "Scope and Closures" as the name it is focused on in-depth inside scope and closures, which are the two core concepts you need to know to become a better JavaScript programmer. You will see how they work and why they are the trickier parts of the language that many JavaScript programmers are trying to avoid.

You Don't Know JS: this & Object Prototypes

Third book of the You Don't Know JS series: this & Object Prototypes will take you to the JavaScript object-oriented programming, and why you need to use it. You will look into the nature of JavaScript objects, prototypes, classes, inheritance, etc.

You Don't Know JS: Types & Grammar

The fourth book of the series the Types & Grammar like the other books dives into trickier parts of the language. Many JS developers believe that JavaScript has no types. Is that true? read this book and find out.

You Don't Know JS: Async & Performance

The fifth book Async & Performance focuses on asynchronous features and performance tweaks which include the usage of Promises, generators, and Web Workers, which let you create modern single-page web applications. This book is my personal favorite.

You Don't Know JS: ES6 & Beyond

The last book of the You Don't Know JS called ES6 & Beyond focuses on the modern part of the language. Here you will learn the ES6 syntax that will make your life much easier. You will take a look at how to organize your code with iterators, generators, modules, and classes.

Are You Don't Know JS the best JavaScript books? probably, especially if you are a big fan of the JS, if you are an absolute beginner and you want to dive into web development they are also a great way to learn JavaScript, if you are experienced programmer you will still learn a lot from them and in the end, these books are worth having them in your collection.

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